1. sirmitchell:

    Catching up on some previews! Mitchell x Marvel x Mondo opens April 25th at Mondo Gallery in Austin, TX.

  2. xombiedirge:

Cable Evening News by Drew Moss / Tumblr & Mike Spicer


    Cable Evening News by Drew Moss / Tumblr & Mike Spicer

  3. nightmare-bruce:

    Best Burger! It’s a simple quick-reflexes cooking game where you press the proper combination of keystrokes to fill the customer’s order.

    As the difficulty rises, word recognition turns to pattern recognition when you have deal with customers that speak in hieroglyphics (Egyptian mummy level) and alien pictograms (outer space level).

    Well, that’s how the game would work if I knew how to do more than make mockup screenshots!

  4. xombiedirge:

    Coraline by Tom Whalen  / Website / Tumblr

    18” x 24” screen print, numbered edition of 275.

    Coraline Double LP OST by Michael De Pippo / Blog

    Double LP Pressed on 180 Gram Black vinyl with randomly-inserted Black & White Swirl Vinyl in deluxe gate-fold sleeve packaging. Music by Bruno Coulais, artwork packaging by Michael DePippo. First time ever available on vinyl.

    Available Tuesday, 22nd April 2014, via Mondo’s random twitter announcement HERE.

    (Source: t.e2ma.net)

  5. kolbisneat:

    The Hellboy 20th Anniversary Show is almost upon us and there’s still so much to share!

    I really dig the mythos of Hellboy and the world Mike Mignola has created so I’ll admit that I had trouble picking a single direction to pursue.

    And like a spoiled child I opted to NOT choose and simply do everything! The piece will be made up of small vignettes pulled from various moments in the comics (with a few that I simply created for the visual of it.)

    Here are but 4 of the total 48 scenes. That Hellboy, he just keeps truckin’.

  6. danielnyariillustrations:


    My contribution to Hero Complex Gallery's 20th Anniversary Hellboy show Friday May 2nd in Los Angeles, California. It's an honor for me to be chosen to display for this show as Hellboy was my favorite comic growing up and a huge influence on my work.

    Below are process shots divided into five steps I generally follow with every piece I do. 

    Step 1: I divide the page into subdivisions based loosely on Andrew Loomis’ “informal subdivisions” in which you divide the space unevenly allowing you to visualize compositions more creatively. This is purely a creative endeavor and not a mechanic one. The tweaks I made to the process drastically reduce the numbers of angles possible which is inherently limiting but I usually function best when there are less choices and it forces me to come up with more creative solutions.

    Step 2: Look for the composition. This is where the divisions help. If you have an idea in mind an image starts to form. I had a general idea in mind here. I love two things specifically about the Hellboy series. One; its unbelievable cast of monsters and demons and the idea of its protagonist constantly struggling against hordes of them, larger than life. I knew I wanted to depict that somehow. Secondly, I love Mike Mignola’s compositions. A favorite trick of mine and one that works since the dawn of time; from classical paintings to comics is the vertical placement of a figure against a blank background and a secondary compositional element that runs diagonally behind the primary vertical element. Look at Mignola’s covers. You will usually find this formula and a variation of it in almost every single one. So the idea became Hellboy on the bottom of the frame “topped” by a cast of demons and monsters.

    Step 3: Once I visualized and finished the sketch, I brought it into Adobe Illustrator where I began building the illustration. I say building because I don’t consider it drawing any longer. It’s more about moving and dragging shapes and broken up shapes around sticking as closely to the original grid as possible.

    Step 4: I rarely ever have a color scheme in mind so when I transition from outlines to shapes, I usually work in grayscale that allows me to build the values I will follow with the colors. Since I only work with flat shapes, this is usually tricky as I need to be careful about creating contrast everywhere without much of the color feeling too flat or not coherent to the image I want to build.

    Step 5: For this piece I wanted to stay relatively true to the Hellboy color schemes Mignola uses. A bright red to make Hellboy stand out from the rest of the characters on the same page. I rarely work with such a dark palette so this was fairly new to me. Essentially three weights of color here. The warm grays of the demons, the yellow accents and the red of Hellboy. Finally I usually bring the final piece into Photoshop if I need to add adjustment layers tweaking hues and contrast.

    Final also shown with original grid.

  7. gamesquares:

Reprisal Universe


    Reprisal Universe

  8. pxlbyte:

    LAST LIFE Has you investigating your own murder…ON MARS!

    Written by Wil Tjernberg

    Being a detective in a noir story can’t be easy. Dealing with mobsters and dames all day must get quite tiring, one’s wardrobe seems quite limited and all that narration, scotch and cigars must do a number on ya. It’s probably even more difficult when you’re a detective on Mars who’s just been shot to death.

    (Click here for the full article)

  9. oliviawhen:

    Carmen Sandiego & Xena for sketch dailies on twitter! (I have a twitter now, which I use mostly for silly things and tough ladies.)